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Your superstar-DJ twin sibling has been kidnapped by an international criminal organization! Their base is fortified with the most intense defense systems known to man. It will take the most skilled and stealthy rescuers to save your twin...

But that's someone else's job to rescue them!

You, as their identical twin, must fill in for your twin's biggest concert ever.
Your twin has given you a mixtape. All you need to do is press play and pretend to DJ behind the turntables

Can you save the show?

How to play:

The track above will tell you what DJ moves to do. Action cues will move towards the front of the track. You need to perform the actions on the beat.

                    Shout                            Shout "ONE, TWO, THREE, JUMP!" on the beat
                    Jump                            Jump up to the beat
                    Hands Up            Put your hands up
                    Clap                                Clap your hands
                    Mix                                    Pretend to operate the equipment by touching the DJ equipment

Demo Tracklist:

Arthur White - The Fade (ft 3AM) Nolan VanLith Remix

Heno - Flashback

Currently only Rift compatible.


DJ SImulator v3.zip 58 MB

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